Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm off to the Lakme Fashion Week tomorrow early morning (sigh). Hopefully something exciting should happen there.A little birdy told me that Suzy Menkes will be coming for the shows, can't wait to meet her.


So while rummaging through the trash and the beautiful things that surrounds Pahargun,j I ended up in this little shop where they sell the most offbeat and trendiest pairs of sunglasses which you will never find anywhere else in Delhi. I found these Linda Farrow vintage sunglasses which by far are the coolest I've ever seen. I love these heart glasses but sadly it looks terrible on me. For those of you who still want to own a pair of White or Red Wayfarer Sunglasses, this is the only place where you will ever find one!!!!

Black and Gold



After dreaming about it for many many months, I have finally organized myself enough to start my own little blog. I hope whoever sees this blog will enjoy it and will contribute as well. Wish me luck.