Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Girl alert Sonia Dara at Elite NY

Her name is Sonia Dara and she is all of 18 yrs. She is American but of Indian origin. She was featured in Vogue India April 2008 shot by Sophie Delaporte. Here is the editorial and some more pictures of her.
Height: 5'11
Via: TFS


Anonymous said...

she has potential to make it ....so happy to see another indian girl on the block .....love her long legs if thts not stretch (vogue ishstyle) she is versatile too ..she doesnt look indian at all in the vogue shoot ...we need more indian girls ...whr are they hiding ??

Asian Models Blogger said...

I love her looks for Elite's score cards.

Anonymous said...

I think there a lot of beautiful Indian girls out there, but can't model because of tradition and their ties to their family's honor. I think that, perhaps, in the future, Indian families will not be so orthodox