Monday, July 14, 2008

What happened!!

Karolina Kurkova at the Sao Paolo Fashion Week looking a little less than perfect, which is okay if your are not on the ramp but otherwise a no no. She was never really a super skinny girl but with the cellulite and stuff, it looks kinda terrible.




Al Walling said...

Victoria doesnt have a secret anymore!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg ....this is sad...i used to like her more than gisele...well adios carolina

ELVIA said...

omg! that's horrible!!

well doesn't matter, as i was never that fond of her anyways. i prefer the skinny and lean types with the nice tan skin tone - gisele, alessandra, lakshmi, liya kebede, etc.

i'm sure the "chunky" girls can relate to her now. haha. i however wouldn't know as i've never been chunky in my life (thank god) lol.

p.s. that's not cellulite! that's just fat! i've seen cellulite on this other girl before - it looks like cottage cheese (ew).

Katie said...

Oh wow Anoonymous and Elvia - your amazing stupidity is just...overwhelming. And frankly, quite offensive.
It's people like you two mongs that give everyone else in fashion a bad name for being vapid, vacuous morons.