Friday, March 27, 2009

Ditto and Bowles

Please view this video of the Gossip's performance at the Fendi party recently at

This is what Mr. Hamish Bowles had to say: "Having brought the house down with the spectacular 'Standing in the Way of Control,' Beth decided to execute a celebratory stage dive, a move that I can only describe as ill advised with a mosh pit comprising various supermodels and sundry fashionistos in aching want of a square repas[t]. In fact, as far as I could determine, there was a parting of the waves as the svelte and deeply panicked hordes flung themselves out of the oncoming path of the potential weapon of mass destruction that is la Ditto, and there was something closely resembling a resounding thud in place of the expected slap of flesh on expectantly upraised palms."

I just couldn't match Bowles' witty repartee. Little wonder that he won UK Vogue's talent contest back in the day.


Anonymous said...

hey this is really funny....Love beth!

*rin* said...

hehe really funny!