Monday, April 7, 2008

Best Collection goes to Sabya!

My favourite collection at the Fashion week was Sabyasachi’s collection. At this stage where there are so many Sabya wannabes he still managed to be so very unique and true to his signature style. The silhouettes were more fitted than his usual free flowing stuff but not to say there weren't a few of them loose thingys. The set was beautiful and the lighting for a change had a beautiful yellow light instead of the usual washed out white lighting. Miss Carol and Miss Bhavna obliged to pose for me outside the venue with their full make up and hair done.(Ramp pictures courtesy

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stephen lotha said...

The set is mighty impressive! the make up is super, the accessories are fetching but mmm i am a lil ok with the clothes in comparison with the last last collection inspired by the Nair sisters which i was Bonkers about, its not a critical review just a layman prespective, hey but i am still the 1st on the fan list!!!!