Thursday, May 8, 2008

My First shoot with Vogue India

One of my favourite work till date plus my first shoot for Vogue India and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Photographer: Pascal Chevalier
Make up: Mikael Noiselet
Hair: Olivier Lebrun
Model: Tamara Moss (IMG Paris)
Stylist: Yours truly
(all pictures owned by VOGUE INDIA)


Anonymous said...

congrats,tis is mindblowing!keep up the good work!

Stephen Lotha said...

Beyootifull! its so proud of its colors and rightfully so!!! I m not like a huge fan of Tamara at the moment though. I ve never liked my supermodels with a pout save exceptions like Naomi and Alek Wek, she is cute no doubt but in this shoot everything works, perfect balance, shouting out Loud. Edward Rules!!!!

Winds of Time said...

I loved the shoot! Have been wanting to tell you for a while now... but don't come across you online! lol

Bryanboy said...

beautiful, eye-popping colors!! soo chic!!!