Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No More Agy!

So its true, Agy will not be doing Burberry anymore. After arguing with my friend about the rumour that she didn't go to the Met Ball because she had been dropped and also because Christopher Bailey had another date, who apparently is then new face of Burberry, I humbly accept I was wrong (Mr A L if you're reading this, yes I'm talking about you). Of course she (I mean this new girl) was slated to be the next Kate Moss since 2004 but still isn't, lets hope this ad does her some good. Anyway back to Agy, news is that she was dropped by photographer Mario Testino not Christopher, apparently because he feels she's over exposed.Ya, like duh but Kate Moss is too and they still used her for quite a bit until of course Agy replaced her. So in a way this new girl is the new Kate!! Oh!! her name is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.


stephen lotha said...

Aggy to me is definitely such a cross between twiggy and a tall glamour puss just that her boyish charms come into confusing me the hell more but yeah i dont get her with due respect to all her fans and her legend, i am praying and earnestly so that they spot an indian face somewer out there i dont know where , but i am desperate to see "the face"!! Thanks for all the fashion updates Ed its such a blessing.

Anonymous said...

yes ed what on earth would we do without you. And you work for VOGUE!! WOW!!! i am such a fan!!! Can anyone from any developing country do any better than you!!! You are my hero, my inspiration!!!